Our Services

Our Services

We plan perfectly thought-out trips, covering every element of the experience from takeoff to touchdown. Though we specialize in Central America and the Caribbean, our travel planning knows no boundaries and we have also sent clients to destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the South Pacific, as well as arranging domestic travel within the US.

We have organized once-in-a-lifetime escapes to the dreamy bath-warm lagoons of French Polynesia and devised action-packed sojourns to South Africa during which clients have toured Cape Town, cruised the Cape Peninsula, taste-tested their way through the wineries of Stellenbosch, gone in search of the Big Five on safari and traced South Africa’s journey to freedom in Johannesburg – all in just 10 days! Whether you are planning a week long wedding celebration, month long honeymoon, family vacation, weekend break or an educational group trip, get in touch with Lez Go Travel today.


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For us, luxury travel is all about making our clients feel special. How to do that can vary from person to person. For some, luxury may come in the form of a multi-course meal prepared by a masterful Michelin-approved chef. For others, it may mean an enriching city tour with a well-versed guide. Luxuries can be big – think extravagant shopping sprees, yacht trips and hot-air balloon rides – or small – like a freshly baked pastry, a long soak in a claw-foot tub or a glass of crisp Champagne. For many of our clients, having free time to think, read or simply soak up the sights around them, is the ultimate luxury. We’ll work with you to find your kind of luxury.

Destination Weddings 

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Arranging a wedding abroad can be challenging. Not only do you have all the usual wedding worries that come with a hometown celebration, but you’ll also have to consider a few extra practicalities, including the legalities of marrying in your destination of choice, securing a registrar to oversee the ceremony, transporting dresses and suits overseas, and ensuring you and your guests have everything you need both for the big day and for the rest of the trip. Not only do we have practical tips to help you with the planning, but we’ve got a lengthy list of industry contacts. We can take care of all the arrangements, so you have the freedom to stay in the moment and focus on savoring your special day.


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Take a honeymoon with us and you won’t have to settle for the generic package sold to most newlyweds; we can make the first trip of your married life a little more you. Which means getting you somewhere that will make you swoon, and arranging activities and experiences that you and your partner have always wanted to do. Though honeymoons are really just the first shared trip during a lifelong adventure as a married couple, they are meant to be special. We’ll make sure yours is.


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Group travel calls for even more conscientious planning than a simple trip for two. There are numerous personalities to please, myriad schedules to work around, budgets to adhere to and a whole host of practicalities to take into consideration. Even a normally simple-to-arrange transfer from the airport can become a challenge of Everest proportions when you’ve got a big gang traveling together. At Lez Go Travel, we’re fond of forethought and scrupulous planning, and can make sure your group trip comes off like clockwork.

Special Interest

Photographer: Austin Ban
Photographer: Austin Ban

Are you hooked on hiking? Besotted with bird-watching? A keen kite-surfer? A jazz enthusiast? Art obsessed? We can build entire vacations around your passions. Let us know where your interests lie and we can present trip ideas based around your beloved hobby.