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Originally hailing from Jackson, Mississippi, Cheryl has now been a resident of Atlanta, Georgia for more than 20 years. She was born with a bad case of wanderlust that, despite the passing of time and the salve of extensive travel, she still can’t quite shake. Luckily, Cheryl has found the ideal outlet for her travel-related curiosity and now helps others plan their globetrotting adventures.

Like many of us, Cheryl has got a soft spot for beautiful sun-soaked islands – Bermuda, Anguilla, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia and Jamaica are among her favorite destinations – though she prides herself on her ability to identify her client’s ideal vacation spot no matter where that may be.

Among her most memorable professional endeavors are the off-the-beaten-path honeymoons she has made happen for her newlywed clients. Few things make her prouder than creating powerful memories for couples embarking on a new shared life.

Whether you want beach time, urban exploration, a food-focused break or adrenaline surges in the great wild outdoors; to attend a specific sporting event or festival; to celebrate a special occasion of your own, be it a wedding, reunion or big birthday; or just a transportive trip that provides respite from your routine, Cheryl is poised to help.

Meet Cheryl

An established travel connoisseur, Cheryl was busy putting together trip itineraries for friends and family long before she decided to go professional. In 1999, she officially made travel her career and has been using her extensive travel know-how, trip-planning skills and a killer eye for detail to send people on superb vacations ever since.